Hazel Waterman - Concierge

Our concierge is Hazel.

She will be in constant contact with you to answer questions about your trip and to pre-book all of your transportation, excursions and chef meals. She will also greet you upon arrival at the house to familiarize you with the grounds and the house. Once you book, you'll be introduced to Hazel via email and she will begin preparing to make this a vacation of a lifetime for you and your group.

She has a full list of excursions…and trust us, there is not enough time to enjoy all that Manuel Antonio and Quepos have to offer!

Steven (middle) with owners Kyle & Rocky Moss

Stevin Acosta - Pool Clean CR

Meet Stevin, the owner of Pool Clean CR.  Stevin cleans both pools on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning every week, regardless if the pools are being used or not.  He keeps both pools looking brand new!

Stevin speaks great English, but feel free to practice your Spanish with him!

He will typically arrive between 9am and 11am on his scheduled days to clean both pools at The Villa Mariana main house and Casita Romantica guest house.

If you plan to be in the pool on his scheduled days, he can still perform the work that needs to be done and will work around your needs.

The Staff

Juan Acuña

Meet Juan, the villa's caretaker and groundskeeper.  Juan has been around since day one, 10 years ago.  He is a jack-of-all-trades and has a great eye for noticing even the smallest imperfections at The Villa Mariana.  His list of to-do's is never ending, but he will stop everything to carry your luggage. You truly will not believe how well kept the grounds are, thanks to Juan.  He takes great pride in making The Villa Mariana a special place for all of our guests.

We don't expect you to be an expert at opening and closing all of the glass doors and windows!  Juan is the expert.  Allow him to open them each morning and close them each evening (or when you leave for the day) if you would like.  Some of them can be tricky, but he has the magical touch.  For your security deposit's sake, please do not force the doors and windows.

Feel free to ask Juan to point out the hummingbirds, macaws (which are called "Lapas" in Costa Rica), toucans, monkeys, sloths and lizards when he sees them.

Juan's only language is Spanish.  If you do not speak Spanish, you can contact your concierge from the villa's phone and they can call Juan on his mobile phone to help translate your needs.

Juan's hours are 7am to 6pm, six days per week. His day off is on Thursdays.

Flor Acuña

Meet Flor, the villa's housekeeper.  Flor has been with The Villa Mariana for the past nine years and is Juan's daughter.  She is a perfectionist when it comes to her responsibilities and keeps the house in immaculate condition.

On a typical day, you'll see Flor scuttering throughout the house, tending to her responsibilities as quietly as a mouse.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how the villa looks when she leaves for the day.

You can certainly request that she not be present as much, but keep in mind that without her, you'll be dealing with the elements of the jungle.  She is a pro, and we like to leave the cleaning to the pros!  To maintain the property on a daily basis and to avoid certain repairs, we must have a full-time staff.

She has an adorable son named Dylan and she spends her spare time striving to be the best mom that she can be!

Flor's only language is Spanish.  If you do not speak Spanish, feel free to contact your concierge from the villa's phone and they can call Flor on her mobile phone to help translate your needs.

Flor works from 8am to 4pm, six days per week.  Her day off is on Sundays.


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